Mark’s Top 10

I’ve compiled my Top Ten lists as I feel it’s important to pass on to my clients the fun that Denver has to offer. Please feel free to click on any of the Top Ten lists below. The list will show in the column to the right.

Is there a hidden gem top 10 I might have missed?  Email me at with your suggestions.

Tell Me Your Top 10

    1. Hannah
    2. Arrival
    3. Lala Land
    4. Avatar
    5. Braveheart
    6. Rogue One
    7. The Matrix
    8. Schindler’s List
    9. Pulp Fiction
    10. Fight Club
    1. Eat, Pray, Love
    2. Under the Tuscan Sun
    3. The Call of the Wild
    4. Into Thin Air
    5. Tuesdays With Morrie
    6. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, by Chelsea Handler
    7. The Kite Runner
    8. The Tipping Point
    9. The Secret
    10. The Millionaire Mind
    Out On The Town
    1. Lodos
    2. Mint
    3. Lime
    4. Brother’s Bar
    5. Dazzle
    6. Govnr’s Park
    7. The Living Room
    8. Club Vinyl
    9. The Tavern
    10. Comedy Works
    1. Wash Park
    2. City Park
    3. Cheesman Park
    4. Governor’s Park
    5. Congress Park
    6. Cook Park
    7. Rosamand Park
    8. Chatfield State Park
    9. Cherry Creek State Park
    10. Platte Park

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